Friday, August 1, 2014

NG4J and Lafayette

 Here's a blast from the past featuring a 2010 photo of Lafayette the Cat with members of the NG4J Crew. Clockwise from the bottom are Dr. Doo Doo, me (Emrald), Brittney, Aubvey, and Doo Doo Girl. PANSI is behind Lafayette's head, which really made her angry!
This photo originally appeared in this post on our old blog. 


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New Feature: Monthly Netherworld Wrap-up #1

 DJ Badass Brittney and her pal Merlin

New Feature:
Monthly Netherworld Wrap-up
Installment #1

Hello, Worms! Brittney here to introduce you to our brand-new monthly Netherworld wrap-up. Unfortunately, following my intelligent and readable paragraph, I will be turning you over to PANSI, who would give birth to livestock if I didn't let her take the first Monthly Wrap-up. 
We apologize for it being so long between appearances, but thanks to the antics of the Vogon Empire, we were stuck in some crappy dimension where we became two-dimensional versions of ourselves. Of course PANSI is always two-dimensional, but I digress.
I now turn you over to PANSI. I normally apologize to no-one for nothing, but for this odious act, I sincerely apologize.

For the NG4J Netherworld Wrap-Up

Prima Donna PANSI
BRITTNEY, as yooshal, you are the one who is oderous!!!!! Of coarse it shood be me who hoasts the rap-up, becuz I am the #1 DIVA of all the YOONAVERSE!!!!!!
I blaim Anna from Hearding Cat's and Burning Soop for makeing me do so much typeing! This Monthly Rap Up ting is her idea!!!!
First, the CHEESE MISTRESS finaly got a noo camra. This is impoartent, becuz now she can take new pikshure's of me!!!! You see that compyuooter I'm standing in front of???? That pikshure was takin back in 2007 or some thing. That compyooter doesent evin work eny more.
So MRS. WEIRDSO has publeshed a noo book, which C.J. Duffey has riten about heer. Well, big woop!!!! I woodent evin have EMRALD reed me this book as a farey tale nite time storey. It is blast feemus in the acstreme, I am shure. 
Also, Mrs. Weirdso used to be my publasist and stuff, but then she fired me and sent me and AUBVEY and BRITTNEY and DR. DOO DOO and DOO DOO GIRL and EMRALD to live in the Never World with the CHEESE MISTRESS, who is the worst, most lazyest publasist EVER!!!!!
So, it is toatally time for me to make a COME BACK!!!!!! I no my fan's have been clamaring for some thing new from PANSI and Naykid Jim Nastick's for JESUS 4 EVER!!!!! 
I guess the Cheese Mistress is working on it, but I don't truss her.
Brittney want's me to say that you can all so follow us on our soshal meedia and all so on our new WERD PRESS Blog. You can fined the linx below!



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happppy Xmahannukwanzyule to All, like, this is Doo Doo girl or something.
Like, I'm suposed to wish you a Happey Xmahannukwanzyule and stuff like that and everything.
I'm not in this picture because may be I was holeding the camra....or a joint....or something.

So, like, Happi Ksmahannuktanzuyle. 

This Shine Nog is reaaaalllly strong this year!!!!!!

So, like, happy new year and stufff!!!!!


~dOO Doo Girl~

Oh yeah....
The Cheese Mouser also wanted you to now that you can know find us also at:

Peach and Joy to the World!!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brittney's Axe Man Trouble

Every year as the VILE Awards draw near, Axe Man's penis gets overtaken by crude fantasies of boning me, badass KHEL 666 DJ Brittney

Aubvey suggested that I sic Baxter the Cowardly Pit Bull on Axe Man. I told Aubvey that it would be more effective to sic one of The Cheesemeister's toothless cats on Axe.

Leon: Toothless since 2007

Lafayette: Spokes-Cat for the Animal Anarchy page. Toothless since 2013.

Tara: Possibly Lafayette's cousin or half-sister. Toothless since 2013.

Tard and Kristin Stewart: Curmudgeons

Well, I suppose I've kept you worms in suspense for long enough about my horrible tale of woe. So I'll let you vicariously live my much cooler life than yours for a few brief and shining moments.

My Awful Axe Man Problems

Axe Man has been a cretin since the day he was born. His lack of common sense trumps the witlessness of  all the other fools and potato-heads in this or any other world. Despite the fact that I tell him these things to his face, it doesn't matter. There is a terrible curse which binds us to one another and insures that this addle-headed Scandinavian drunkard will run circles around himself until the end of time in pursuit of my affections.
Axe Man once ran off the edge of a cliff chasing me with a bouquet of cheap flowers. I stopped at the edge, and he kept going. This is the very thing that I expected him to do. One time I convinced him that the thunder from a coming storm was a troop of giants who had come all the way from Asgard to listen to him play guitar solos in the rain. The electric shocks from the wet connections didn't even make him sleepy because he's so oblivious. This is why the idiot continues to think that he has a chance with me, even though I have slighted his disgusting advances from the time that he first propositioned me.

The Prophet Wadils Quackvack leads Gerry Giraffe via his Ministry of Silly Walks

Back in 2006, the Prophet Wadils Quackvack told me that until one of the Norns mends the thread binding me and Axe Man, I will forever have this zany ignoramus pursuing me against the odds. I would think that the connection would more likely be broken if one of these Norn broads were to cut the thread, but I don't expect too much. 

After all, the Prophet Quackvack is a duck with a fondness for Buckfast Tonic Wine, and I have the feeling that Axe may have paid him to try and trick me into thinking that it was my destiny to end up mated with a moron.

FOGNL/UNDEAD Media Services

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Just Can't Stop Praising PANSI--I Meen The Lord

This band pre formed this morening at the Enny Faith Will Do Church for the NAKED JIM NASTICK'S FOR JESUS ackstrava ganza. They shure did half a good sound, but they were waring way too menny close!!!!! All so I reely dout enny of there buttox were PURPULE!!!!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for PANSI!!!!!

#1 Netherworld Diva Superstar PANSI!!!!!

A to Z Blogging Challenge: P is for PANSI!!!!!

Note: This is in PANSI'S own words, unedited and uncut. Read at your own risk!

Grreeting's little peepul! My name is PANSI!!!!!!! I am the #1 Diva Mega Super Star in all the nown Yoonaverse!!!!!!! I am the Leeder of the #1 Super Hot Dance and Acting Troup, NAKED GYMNASTIC'S FOR JESUS!!!!!!!
I orijinaley came from Auburn, Alabama and mooved to Hobbseywood, but now I am stuck in the NEVER WORLD with the CHEESE MISTRESS as my publasist!!!!!!! This is a fait worser than HELLL!!!!!!! The CHEESE MISTRESS is a tarribule publasist!!!!!!! She is all way's thinking about the blast feemous riting that her and that heething ghost, The Spooookey Guy, does togetur.
I am hear in the NEVER WORLD with my so called frend's. Sum frend's!!!!! Aubvey spend's all her time makeing out with Warren the Wraith. She is such a sex feend!!!!!! 
Brittney is just meen and evil. Her boy friend is Nikki 666, who is the Devil's son!!!!!!!
Dr. Doo Doo own's the Holy Drug Ware House. I guess he is okay.
Doo Doo Girl is Dr. Doo Doo's wife, i think. She is all way's stoned. She stoled my necklace and I have never forgived her for that!!!!!!
Emrald is going to hell in a Ham Biskit. She belief's she is the re-encarnation of Cleapatera. She all so believs that the Meek Mok's are comming to take over the Erth.
Peepul in the Never World ware too much clothe's. Accept for the Reverend Jimmy Reptile. But his Mega Church, the Any Faith Will Do Church that him and the Holy Carp builded together is reely Unchristinane. He need's to find Jesus again.
All So, I am stuck heer with all these Cat's. Can you think of a worser helll????

Lafayette is a big attenshon hog who up staged me totally!!!!! You can onley see my hair behind his big fat head. I am stuck in front of his Unchristinane Idol of Worship, the Cat Goddess. All so, he is prolly GAY!!!!! Just like that guy from Bon Temp's, where all the vaimpire's lives. He has a sister named Tara. Well, she is not his bialojickal sister, she is his adopted sister. I don't no why the CHEESE MISTRESS had to go adopt CAT'S when she shoud of ben promoting ME!!!!!! I have ben heer since 2009 and she has done a CRAPPY JOB the hole time!!!!!!!

Heer is Trinity. She is a frend of Emrald and is a Unchristinane Space Alliean!!!!!!!

I don't no why Prezzadent Nixxon ensist's on haveing Flowering Kudzu as his Vise Prezzadent evry Allecshon hear in the NEVER WORLD. She is so haynous!!!!!!!

So now you no about me, PANSI!!!!!! And you no that I desserve far more fandum than I have got stuck heer in the NEVER WORLD!!!!! The glorry of my PURPLE BUTTOX is not being onnered in the way it desserve's!!!!!!!

Thank you for takeing time to reed what I have ritten, my divvoted follower's!!!!!! I hope I have winned some Convert's heer today!!!!!!

Cross posted to UNDEAD IN THE NEVER WORLD!!!!!!

Kiss Kiss,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge
O is for Ode

Popular KHEL 666 DJ Brittney and her little friend Merlin

Greetings, Worms! DJ Brittney here, ordering you to read my entry into this undeserving contest. An Ode is a poem glorifying a person, place, or thing. Many odes have been written about me, so it would be kind of redundant to write one about myself. So instead I'll write an Ode to the Netherworld.

An Ode to the Netherword

The Netherworld is my home
Although from it I often roam
To other worlds in the gloam
I love the Netherworld

PANSI may complain
But she is just a drain
And she doesn't have a brain
I love the Netherworld

There are demons, ghosts, and ghouls
And a whole damn lot of fools
Some creatures you might even call cool
I love the Netherworld

With Xenomorph nothing rhymes
But there's lots of them around all the time
I don't mind them except for the slime
I love the Netherworld

I've been with a few men, it's true
But nowhere near as many as Peggy Sue
Anyway, I've better things to do than screw
I love the Netherworld

Listen to my show on KHEL-666
Where the music really kicks
Stick around and you'll learn a few tricks
I love the Netherworld

Axe Man may think one day
He'll get a piece, but there's no way
I don't really mind him anyway
I love the Netherworld

Well, I'm about out of time
Although I could probably come up with another rhyme
I'll make this my last line


I hope that keeps you worms going for a while! Don't forget my live show this Saturday night at Ugly Grace's. Send your requests to me, mistressbrittney at khel666 dot com

Peggy Sue Unearthly and Axe Man are members of Death Cheese. Find out more about them here.

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